Reaching Audiences with Research: ‘Unpacking the Real’ Research Companion Podcast – School of Languages and Cultures Reaching Audiences with Research: ‘Unpacking the Real’ Research Companion Podcast – School of Languages and Cultures

Reaching Audiences with Research: ‘Unpacking the Real’ Research Companion Podcast

Presented by The University of Sydney and Macquarie University:

Reaching Audiences with Research: ‘Unpacking the Real’ Research Companion Podcast

Launch event and panel discussion with podcast team and guest speakers
“How can we connect to the perspectives of others?”

Podcasts have rapidly become a popular way of disseminating research beyond universities, offering a new solution to the age-old problem of how to bridge the gap between scholarship and the broader community. In this event, Chris Müller, Benjamin Nickl and Helen Wolfenden introduce their new podcast project, ‘Unpacking the Real’, a companion series to their ‘Real is Not Real Enough’ podcast which was released late last year. They discuss their projects with invited panellists, covering the path to podcasting and the questions that led them there (“How can we reach the people we want to reach? What is it that sound can do for our ability to truly understand?”), what is even ‘real’ anymore, and how the process of translation reveals new aspects of the source text.

Come and hear from the ‘Real is Not Real Enough’ project team and panel guests about translating deep truths for the wide reach of spoken-word audio.


Tracey Cameron, The University of Sydney
Dr Alina Kozlovski, University of New England
Dr Consuelo Martinez Reyes, Macquarie University
Dr Chris Müller, Macquarie University
Dr Benjamin Nickl, University of Sydney
Dr Helen Wolfenden, Macquarie University


About ‘Real is Not Real Enough’

‘Real is Not Real Enough’ is a 13-episode podcast series showcasing the work of Günther Anders, a German-Jewish philosopher who lived in exile in the US during World War II. The spoken word audio project presents a new translation of Anders’ 1941 diary, Washing the Corpses of History. The diary shines a light on the phenomenon of the fake obscuring the real, exemplified by his experiences in Hollywood where he worked as a studio hand. Anders’ work is a call to his contemporaries to think critically about what they see and consume, which is both relevant and resonant in our times. The podcast is designed to share Anders’ message with experts and non-experts alike, finding the right tone to reach new ears.

Developed by Chris Müller, Benjamin Nickl and Helen Wolfenden | Released in December 2021 | Supported by Goethe Institute, Sydney; DAAD Information Centre, Australia; The Austrian Embassy, Canberra; Macquarie University, Sydney; The University of Sydney.

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About ‘Unpacking the Real’

‘Unpacking the Real’ is a research companion podcast to ‘Real is Not Real Enough’. It sees the project team peel back the layers of Anders’ work, talking to experts about fake worlds and related concepts and how they manifest in contemporary society and its institutions. Season 1 (6 episodes) will be available soon.


Event Details


Tuesday, 3 May, 2pm-4pm


Professorial Board Room, Main Quadrangle, The University of Sydney:


For catering purposes and COVID-related registration, please RSVP via Dr Ben Nickl:



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The event is finished.


May 03 2022


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Professorial Board Room
Professorial Board Room, Main Quad, University of Sydney


International Comparative Literature and Translation Studies

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